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Sometimes I Wish That It Would Rain Here

Saturday, February 25, 2006

becoming ubiquitous

when I was a little kid, I remember watching an episode of Star Trek TNG (when it was first airing on TV) in which they encountered a boarded some abandoned ship. onboard that ship, Warf walked up to a door and was surprised and confused when it didn't automatically open. "how ridiculous," I thought. "he should have known, on this foreign vessle, that he couldn't just expect everything to work automatically like it does on the Enterprise. how could you ever get so used to automatic doors that you expect every door you encounter to be automatic?"

well, it's happening. I have, on numerous occassions, gone to use the sink in a public restroom and been very confused when the faucet didn't come on automatically, despite the presence of a handle on the faucet. then, in my software engineering course this week, the guest speaker went through the first 15 minutes of his presentation without realizing that the projector was not on and no one could see his slides. he said he was from the new building on campus, where everything is automatic, and so forgot that he had to turn on the projector manually.

I wonder what will happen when this trend continues...


  • We'll live only at the top tier of our tool making skillz and expect that to be the norm. Then whenever encountering something below what we're used to we'll begrudgingly have to step down for a bit. Not too terrible.

    Another two examples are:
    Scotty (or someone) tried to talk to the mouse (computer mouse) in the star trek movie about the whales as if it were the computer on the enterprise (they were in the 20th century).

    All-In-One mouse gestures has spoiled me in Firefox so now whenever I use any other program (File Browsers inparticular) I expect mouse gestures to work, and feel a pang of pain every time they don't (it's hard to notice that you shouldn't use them). Sometimes I wonder if it's worth having a great convienence in one spot only to be balked trying to use it in every other spot, but usually say "yup, it is".

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Saturday, March 11, 2006 9:28:00 AM  

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