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Sometimes I Wish That It Would Rain Here

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

google ad nonsense

I love the targeted ads with Google's Adsense. I write an email to my girlfriend about squashing a spider in our apartment, and she sees ads for exterminators. OK, that makes sense. usually, I just ignore these, but recently there have been a few that caught my eye. today, I was reading a page about how to install Mac OS on non-Mac hardware (e.g., anything x86), and here's this ad in the side bar.

Toilet Partition Hardware
JacknobĀ® - Over 2,400 Items for Toilet Partitions

huh? I somehow doubt this is a subtle implication about Mac OS being a "crappy" platform but rather the use of the keyword "partition," which here is referring to partitioning a hard drive, not a toilet (I'm not even sure what the latter means).

here's an even better one. a couple days ago, my girlfriend was checking her gmail when she noticed an ad on the side that says something to the effect of "Searching for a threesome." yes, it was an add so that you and your partner could find a third. what was the email she was reading about? it was about coaching the women's ultimate frisbee team. I'm thinking that some key words and phrases like "recruiting more women" or "hardcore practices" or "groups of girls" may have tipped it off, but I feel like ad sense should be somewhat more sensible than that. or maybe not, who knows.

anybody else have google ad nonsense stories to share?


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