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Sometimes I Wish That It Would Rain Here

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

air guitar meets wearable computing

apparently, not only can you look really silly playing air guitar, you can now sound silly, as well. an Australia research group has made a tricked out air guitar t-shirt that connects your body movements into guitar riffs. this is not to be confused with other uber-lame air guitar shirts that make you look really silly and don't even play music. with this shirt, the movement of one elbow is linked to chords, the other to strumming. technical details are sparse, but those more familiar with wearables may be able to take good guesses. the BBC article linked above (which, I admit, seems to be totally oblivious to nearly all previous work done in wearable computing) lists "practical applications" (ugh) such as feedback for sports players. however, it seems like it could also be great for motion capture, especially for large groups when tracking the little ping pong balls gets more difficult. now the only thing I need to pretend I'm Claudio is a voice that's about two octaves higher.


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