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Sometimes I Wish That It Would Rain Here

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I recently came across some brilliant creative work: spam poetry. these are poems constructed entirely from the subject lines of spam emails the poet receives. the dates on the website give the impression that the work is a couple years old, but I just discovered it recently.

here are two of my favorite stanzas. the first is from "Sometimes I worry":

grammarian and under
education is dead
in America.

I wonder if the poet looks for subject lines that include punctuation, like that ending period, or if she adds punctuation as needed. the other one I like is from "全国総合出会いセンターよりお知らせです。":

To everybody in Columbus
An apology -
The cookies are coming....

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

possibly the best poem currently on the front page is "Your secret?" which must be read in its entirety to appreciate it fully.

while there are myriad reasons that this work is fabulous, rather than engaging in an intellectual diatribe (and since I've still much more data to analyze today), I'll just leave it for you to enjoy.

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